Alnor® AirGard® Lab Hood Monitors

Alnor, AirGard, Lab Hood, MonitorsAlnor® AirGard® Lab Hood Monitors indicate safe levels of air flow in laboratory fume hoods. The 200, 335 and 405 Monitors are used to measure and report on exhaust flow in many critical or controlled indoor environments, including pharmaceutical and university laboratories. The AirGard 200 and AirGard 405 Monitors are simple, low-cost options for your monitoring requirements. The AirGard 335 provides the same reliable measurements with added features that make it more versatile. All these models are easy to install, making them an excellent choice for both new installations and retrofits.

Features & Benefits

•AirGard 335 gives you continuous viewing of face velocity
•AirGard 200/405 is designed for easy retrofit to existing hoods
•AirGard 315/350 gives you velocity readings taken by remote probe inserted in air flow stream

Alnor AirGard Lab Hood Monitors Spec Sheet

200AG AirGard Lab Hood Monitor
200AG AirGard fume hood monitor with low alarm, flush-mount.
335-D AirGard Air Flow Monitor
Alnor 335-D AirGard fume hood monitor with display and high and low alarms
405-D AirGard Lab Hood Monitor
AirGard 405-D fume hood monitor with low alarm, surface-mount.