Alnor® Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Meters - CO2 Meters

Alnor, Indoor Air Quality, IAQ, Meters, CO2 MetersAlnor® Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Meters help building owners, operators, HVAC contractors, and IAQ consultants solve problems in schools, offices, factories, and hospitals. Indoor environments can be improved by measuring levels of CO2, relative humidity, and temperature.

The Alnor CF910 CO2 Meter is an excellent, cost-effective handheld diagnostic instrument for measuring and monitoring carbon dioxide levels.

The CF920 and CF930 meters simultaneously measure and data log multiple parameters. The CF920 quickly and accurately measures carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, and calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, and % outside air. The CF930 model adds a measurement of carbon monoxide (CO).

Alnor Indoor Air Quality Meters Spec Sheet

CF910 CompuFlow CO2 Meter
Model CF910 IAQ Meter: CO2

Alnor, Indoor Air Quality, IAQ, Meters, CO2 Meters
CF920 CompuFlow IAQ Meters
CF920 IAQ Meter: CO2, Temp, Humidity, Data Logging
Alnor, Indoor Air Quality, IAQ, Meters, CO2 Meters
CF930 CompuFlow Indoor Air Quality Meter
IAQ Meter, CO2, Temp, Humidity, CO, Data Logging