Alnor® Velometer® Anemometers

Alnor, Micromanometer, Alnor AXD610, Alnor AXD620, Alnor EBT720Contractors, balancing professionals, plant engineers, and industrial hygienists have preferred Alnor® Velometer® instruments for decades. They are used for HVAC balancing, face velocity measurement, energy audits, and more. Since these instruments using a swinging vane measuring technique, they do not require a power source or batteries.

The Velometer Jr.® Anemometer is a palm-sized meter for fast, accurate air velocity measurements. The meter is compact, direct reading, and requires no attachments. You simply hold it in the air stream and read the displayed velocity measurement on the analog scale.

Features & Benefits

•8100 available in multiple ranges:
•8100-8: 0-200 and 0-800 fpm
•8100A-16: 0-400 and 0-1600 fpm
•8100B-25: 0-500 and 0-2500 fpm
•Intrinsically safe
•Small size
•No batteries or power supply
•Inheritantly intrinsically safe
•Use for face velocity measurements
•Measures accurately in any position
•Available in multiple ranges

Alnor Anemometers 6000-8100 Spec Sheet

8100-8 Velometer Jr. Air Velocity Meter
Model 8100-8 Velometer Jr. 0 / 200 and 0 / 800 fpm

8100A-16 Velometer Jr. Air Velocity Meter
Model 8100A-16 Velometer Jr. 0 / 400 and 0 / 1600 fpm

8100B-25 Velometer Jr. Air Velocity Meter
Model 8100B-25 Velometer Jr. 0 / 500 and 0 / 2500 fpm