Alnor® HM680 Hydronic Manometer

Alnor, HM680, Hydronic, ManometerThe HM680 Hydronic Manometer is used to balance hydronic heating and cooling systems and to check pump performance. The HM680 Hydronic Manometer can measure and display differential, high side, and low side pressures simultaneously without the need to change hose connections or instrument valve settings.

Features & Benefits

•Large backlit display for use in low light areas
•Operates on four alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries
•Reads in. H2O, ft. H2O, psi, in. Hg, mm H2O, kPa, mm Hg, bar
•Performs on–board universal flow and btu/hr calculations
•Displays volumetric flow when a Cv (Kv) factor is programmed
•Allows up to 100 Cv (Kv) factors to be entered
•Calculates brake power, heat flow, Cv (Kv) factors and impeller sizing
•Stores up to 1,000 data points for recall or downloading via USB interface


•Hard carrying case
•(2) 2 m x 6 mm (6.7 ft x ¼-in.) hoses with shut-off valves
•(2) B&G readout probes
•(2) P/T gauge adapter probes
•Power cord
•Temperature probe
•CompuDat USB downloading software
•USB interface cable

Alnor Hydronic Manometers HM670/680 Spec Sheet

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