Alnor® CompuFlow® CF910 CO2 Meter

Alnor, CompuFlow, CF910, CO2 MeterThe Alnor® CompuFlow® CF910 CO2 Meter is an excellent, cost-effective handheld diagnostic instrument for measuring and monitoring carbon dioxide levels. HVAC professionals use it for conducting IAQ surveys, and evaluating ventilation systems in schools, offices, factories and hospitals.

Features & Benefits

•Statistics function for average, maximum, and minimum values
•Real-time CO2 readings in parts per million (PPM) from 0–5000ppm
•Large display
•Integrated NDIR sensor
•NIST-traceable calibration certificate included


•hard carrying case
•(4) AA alkaline batteries
•calibration collar
•operation and service manual
•NIST calibration certificate

Alnor Indoor Air Quality Meters Spec Sheet

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