Alnor® AXD620 Micromanometer

Alnor, AXD620, MicromanometerThe Alnor® AXD620 is a rugged, compact, comprehensive Micromanometer that measures pressure. It can be used with Pitot tubes to measure velocity and then calculate flow rates with user–input duct size and shape. Premium features make it ideal for HVAC, environmental safeguards, commissioning, process control and system balancing.

Ideal applications include HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting, testing and balancing, Pitot tube duct traverses, static pressure measurements and differential pressure measurements.

Features & Benefits

•Measure differential and static pressure from -15 to +15 in. H2O (-3735 to +3735 Pa)
•Calculates and displays velocity when using a Pitot tube
•Calculates volumetric flow rate in duct from velocity and user-input duct size and shape
•Records data points in duct traverse using sampling function
•Data logging with time and date stamp
•Includes LogDat2™ downloading software
•Programmable K factors


•hard carrying case
•4 alkaline batteries
•(2)1.2-m rubber tubes
•static pressure tip
•downloading software and USB cable,
•operation and service manuals
•NIST calibration certificate

Alnor Micromanometers AXD610-620 Spec Sheet

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